About US


“Robex” is a transport company with many years of experience, operating on the market since 1994. From the very beginning, we try to provide our clients with the highest quality services, thanks to which our brand enjoys recognition and reputation both in Poland and abroad. Initially, the company’s transport activities were focused on the southern directions (Italy, Austria) but after a short time, the offer was joined by Western carriers. We mastered the transport with Germany to perfection, where we currently carry out the majority of our transports. Frequent routes also include transports to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. We constantly service many large manufacturing companies on international relations, as well as cooperate with companies from the TSL industry. Every day, thanks to successful logistic operations, we build the trust of our clients who are fully happy to come back to us. Thanks to qualified personnel, we are able to provide our client with the best offer, tailored to individual needs. We strive to constantly expand and modernize our logistics solutions, which allows us to optimize not only transport, but also the entire supply chain, which in the case of large quantities of shipments is a very important element and results in significant savings. We employ only experienced, qualified and, above all, responsible drivers, thanks to which we can be sure that your cargo will reach its destination on time, and most importantly safely. We conduct a very rigorous selection in the case of manning workstations and from the beginning we train our staff to do their best. Drivers are an extremely important element in the transport process because it is they who are directly responsible for your load, which is why we attach so much importance to the issue of employment. Each employee has all the tests and qualifications that are necessary in international transport. The “Robex” company obviously has the necessary carrier’s liability insurance (OCP). We maintain constant telephone communication with our drivers. In addition, all vehicles are under constant supervision of the GPS system.